Helping you to be kinder to the planet and yourself

Do you want to make a difference in the world but feel overwhelmed by the challenge?

Have you been trying to make eco-friendly choices but feel confused by all the mixed messages out there?

Do you want to feel more fulfilled but are being pulled in too many directions? 

You're in the right place! I can help you to:

• figure out what's most important to you and start aligning your lifestyle with your core values
• focus your efforts, so you don't get overwhelmed or completely burnt out
• set realistic goals - and actually achieve them!

• start having a positive impact on the planet and its people
• feel proud about your lifestyle and optimistic about the future

Why striving for simple?

I believe that slow, simple and sustainable living go hand in hand

Slowing down in a fast world

In order to build the foundations for change, we first need to stop glorifying being busy all the time and embrace slowness.

Keeping it simple

The key to achieving our goals is to have purpose. When we know what our big 'why' is, we can focus our efforts in the most effective and easy way.

Creating your sustainable life

Begin with quick wins and build up momentum to start having a positive impact on the planet and its people.

about me

Hi, I'm Steph Mullen

Steph Mullen | Striving for Simple

Hello. I’m Steph Mullen, sustainable and simple living coach and mentor, sustainability consultant, blogger, speaker and HUGE advocate for living with less.

My mission  is to help conscientious people like you to be kinder to the planet and yourself.

I want to show you that a simple, slow, sustainable life is absolutely possible for you. I can help you to:

• find PURPOSE


• feel PROUD


Check what others say about me

"I’ve been doing quite a lot to reduce my impact for years now and thought I'd hit a cost/ practicality barrier (i.e. can't afford solar panels, don't have a garden for growing veg, etc).

Steph really helped me to realise what's most important to me personally and what I can realistically do."

Emily Forster

"The idea that lots of little changes are valuable and add up to big changes appealed to me. Making a big change all at once feels overwhelming.

Steph helped me benchmark where I am and then look at what I can do next. She made me realise that the changes I've already made haven't felt too difficult, so it will be just as easy to keep making more changes."

Christine Minott

"The confusion of zero waste, low waste, sustainability - what’s right or wrong - can be overwhelming.

Steph has helped me to set achievable goals and to not over judge myself. Thank you - it’s been so helpful."

Victoria Dobson


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