Your simple, slow, sustainable life isn’t going to just appear overnight. It takes perseverance, focus and more than a sprinkle of optimism… and that’s where I come in...

Hi, I’m Steph Mullen - sustainable and simple living coach and mentor, business consultant, blogger, speaker and HUGE advocate for living with less.

I’m guessing you’re here because you want to reduce your impact on the planet, reduce stress, have more time for your family – or all of the above.

Maybe you’re just starting out on your journey or perhaps you’ve been trying to achieve your goals for a while. Either way, you feel overwhelmed and lost.

Steph Mullen | Striving for Simple

I’ve been there - I know how confusing and impossible it can seem.

There are so many people saying different things about what’s ethical/sustainable (and what’s not), what we should buy (and from where), what we should do (or not do)... it’s a minefield and trying to navigate it is completely exhausting. 

And that’s on top of what we’ve already got going on in our lives - work, kids, relationships and other commitments, let alone trying to fit in time for ourselves and our passions - the things that really fuel us.

No wonder so many people come to me saying things like:

•  “I want to be ‘greener’ but it's hard to know where to start and how to change habits.”
•  “I’m already so busy and I worry trying to be more sustainable will just add to my daily task load.”
•  “We've been trying to live more sustainably/simply, but it feels as though modern life is against us.”
•  “I already do a lot more than most but still feel guilty about not doing enough to be ‘perfect’.”
•  “I want to make a difference but I don’t know who I’m meant to be or what I’m meant to do.”

If any of this resonates with you, then you’re in the right place. I help conscientious people like you to:

•  figure out what's most important to you and start living your life with more PURPOSE
•  focus your efforts so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and actually make PROGRESS
•  feel PROUD about your lifestyle and optimistic about the future

I believe that simple, slow and sustainable living go hand in hand.

The desire to do good for the planet has been a driving force throughout my life. It’s why I became a vegetarian when I was 14 and why I never learnt to drive. It’s why I’ve spent the past 10+ years exploring how to live more sustainably (on a budget and alongside a full-time job, until recently) and why I now help others to do the same.

I kinda discovered simple and slow (‘intentional’) living by accident - but boy am I glad I did!

About 5 years ago, I was feeling stuck and, quite frankly, terrified. I had immersed myself in various environmental issues, finding out more about them and campaigning with various groups. I wanted to ‘save the planet’ but felt like a rabbit in headlights against the enormity of the challenge.

Not knowing how I could really make a difference, I took a scattergun approach. Trying pretty much everything I read/heard was the ‘right’ thing to do and getting involved with new campaigns. I just wanted to do more and more.

This was far from effective. I was trying to spin too many plates and, in the end, it just left me feeling disheartened, frustrated and knackered.

At the same time, I was getting increasingly afraid for our future. I didn’t recognise this until I started having panic attacks, where I felt like I was struggling to breathe and that my heart was beating through my chest.

Something had to give.

That ‘something’ couldn’t be my health, so I stopped. I gave myself a break from my own constant scrutiny over my choices and behaviours (easier said than done). I also withdrew from campaigning for a while. 

It was only when I pressed pause on my efforts and took some time to figure out what was most important to me, and what I could realistically achieve, that I finally started to get some clarity.

And it wasn’t just about sustainability. I did a lot of introspective work and tackled a multitude of mindset issues that were holding me back from achieving my personal goals. 

Since then, I’ve been living with more intention in all aspects of my life. This had had SO many benefits for me and my family. Here a just a few:

•  I’ve made far more progress on my sustainable living journey and actually recognise - and feel proud of - what I’ve achieved
•  By slowing down and learning to live with less, I’ve reduced stress and feel like I have more head-space
•  I’ve opened myself up to new opportunities and pushed myself out of my comfort zone, which has really boosted my self-confidence
•  By saying ‘No’ to more of the things that aren’t aligned with my core values, I can say ‘Yes’ to more of what brings me joy and fulfilment
•  I feel more optimistic and determined than ever before

My mission now is to help conscientious people like you to be kinder to the planet and yourself.

If you're ready to start creating the simple, slow and sustainable life YOU crave, then come and join me on this journey in the Striving for Simple Membership.